The Heart of Nature

We are committed to providing our customers all the right tools to maintain beautiful homes and gardens, and to be outdoors close to nature

Herimi is packed for nature

Get closer to nature with Herimi through activities outdoors

Relax by planning and planting a garden, caring for and nurturing plants, and harvesting produce.

Home decor

Get creative with interior design! Decorate your home and make it a cosier place to live in for you and your family.

Outdoor activities

Start living more outdoors. For your health and well-being of your beloved ones. Spend time in nature with us.


Get moving outdoors. Get fitter while having fun using our sport equipment with your friends and family.


Planning a trip in nature? We got you with all the useful tools to make your excursion comfortable and memorable.


And finally; enjoy the process of becoming healthier! Get fitter with our products. Get moving today.

Get moving outdoors.

Spending time outdoors can boost physical and mental health in a range of ways. We have collected tailored equipment to get you moving.

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